When you combine one, two or all three of the opportunities for search engine marketing, you can create a very powerful tool for launching, monitoring and managing a competitive Internet marketing campaign. Our team of search engine marketing professionals is ready to assist your company with your online planning for SEO web design, SEO engineering, SEO programming, SEO web copy writing and SEO web hosting. Please continue to browse the California SEO World website. If we can help your company with your Search Engine Marketing campaigns, use the convenient Click to Call feature at the top of any web page.

In addition to the many SEO services discussed throughout that we offer, we maintain a professional staff of trained SEO professionals at all times to assist with any area of Search Engine Marketing listed below:

Search Engine Optimization – If your company already has a website that is not performing as well online as you need, take advantage of the California SEO World offer for a FREE Website Analysis. Good search engine optimization is always a key to Internet marketing success, but there are many SEO challenges that could be causing problems in how and when your website’s content is indexed for “Search Relevancy”. If your company has just started planning your Internet marketing campaign and have not launched a business website, give our SEO team a call. Our SEO web developers, SEO engineers and SEO web copy writers can help your company get it right the first time.


Pay Per Click Marketing - Search engine companies have different policies for paid inclusion Internet marketing programs. Some charge an annual subscription fee for your website to be indexed. Others charge your online account for pay per click or sponsored listings on their search engine results pages (SERPs). Google, the largest of the search engine companies, does not require, in fact does not allow, companies to pay for their website to be indexed (i.e. Organic Search). However, Google has the biggest game in town when it comes to the business of bidding for keywords or keyword phrases. Pay per click campaigns opened the Internet marketing doors to millions of global businesses wishing to compete for search engine listings online. It’s always a good idea to contact a SEO consultant prior to launching your pay per click campaign.


SEO Web Copy Writing – In recent years, Google has taken positive steps by installing algorithms that are capable of awarding well-written original web copy created with search engine optimization and search engine marketing in mind. The indexing process called Latent Semantic Indexing allows the algorithms to make determinations about a website’s theme and overall semantic usages of keywords and keyword phrases. Whether you’re adding new web copy to an existing site’s content or just revamping the web copy you already have, a SEO web copy writer can maximize your website’s chance for expedient indexing. SEO web copy writers can also implement your keyword page strategies for organic search engine optimization or for paid search with pay per click advertising.


Correctly implemented, search engine optimization of your website will eventually produce about the same results whether you follow the search engine’s rules or wander through Internet marketing on your own. The key word here is “eventually”. According to Google guru, Matt Cutts, the algorithms used by Google to index your website will probably figure everything out over time. However, this is where our professional SEO services can really pay off in designing you a new website from ground up or optimizing your existing website for better search engine marketing performance. The timeline of your company’s Internet marketing goals is going to be linked to the amount of time it takes for your website to be indexed by the search engine’s algorithms.

Remember to visit our Portfolio and take a look at our sampling of business websites that make up our family of SEO winners. Doesn’t your company’s website deserve to be on our list?


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