An experienced SEO Company California can often make a huge difference as to how quickly your company’s website is indexed. Please review the search engine optimization areas listed below for a better understanding of how our well-trained team of SEO professionals can maximize your Internet marketing opportunities:

  • SEO Consultant – Account managers representing a reputable SEO firm should be trained in assisting you with the design of new website, the redesign of an existing website and the optimization of either website. Your SEO consultant must have an overall understanding of all three elements of Search Engine Marketing: 1) Search Engine Optimization, 2) Pay Per Click Marketing, and 3) SEO Web Copy Writing. Your SEO consultant should also help with selecting a keyword strategy, choosing your domain name and helping your staff understand your responsibilities for providing content in a timely manner.
  • SEO Web Developer – SEO website architects, SEO web developers and SEO programmers understand the importance of how your website’s overall design impacts each search engine optimization technique. Remember the goal is twofold: 1) The search engine algorithms must find and index the content of your website as quickly as possible, and 2) The navigation of your website must be easy for your human user. An experienced SEO web developer will know how to design your website for function (ecommerce, branding, information sharing, etc.) and, at the same time, develop code that meets the latest standards for the world wide web consortium (often called the W3C standard).
  • SEO Engineer – In the earlier years of search engine marketing, a web programmer learned a few basic SEO techniques, tweaked your website’s code and you were done. Rather than focus on following the guidelines for search engine optimization, many web companies spent their time looking for ways to beat the system (often called Black Hat techniques). Companies like Google, responded by better defining the terms for “Search Relevancy” and by handing out penalties for unscrupulous websites. Today, an SEO engineer has to be diligent in following the endless changes to search engine optimization techniques that result from more sophisticated algorithms being implemented by the search engine companies without notice.
  • SEO Copy Writer - Our SEO web copy writer’s role is two-fold. Good web copy must satisfy the needs of the search engine’s algorithms to determine your content’s “Search Relevancy”. Rather than continuing to use keyword density as a primary indicator of relevant content, Google recently introduced Latent Semantic Indexing to determine how keywords and keyword phrases are used semantically in your web copy. Good web copy must also appeal to your website’s human user and motivate the potential online consumer to take actions (conversions) while visiting your company’s website. Our SEO web copy writer can keep your content fresh, implement your keyword page strategies and use internal linking to help maintain your website’s position in the SERPs.
  • SEO Website Hosting– Our SEO hosting company has a team of SEO professionals on staff. There is little reason to incur the expense of a monthly or annual hosting contract unless the company you choose can keep your website optimized at all times.  Your website’s rank in the SERPs (search engine results pages) will never remain on top of Page One without intervention. Our Search Engine Optimization hosting company can respond with “white hat” SEO techniques to keep your company’s website competitive at all times. Plus, we can provide your company’s management team with an endless stream of reports highlighting the results of your Internet marketing efforts for any specific period of time.

Although no one knows exactly when or where your website’s content will be indexed, the better job your seo company does in letting the search engines know “What it is that your company does”, then the faster your products and services will reach the Internet marketplace.



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