If the goal of your company’s website is Internet marketing, you have a dual consideration in approaching the design, development and implementation of your marketing tool. Your website must be functional and your website must be findable. The cost involved in developing a functional website is directly related to the type of business website your company requires. If you need to interface with a database or portal application, your SEO web developer will have to look at the requirements for each application, the languages of each application, the application’s data platform and other technical components. Since any business website must be findable, a complete website analysis for an existing or proposed website is the only way to know which software or hardware limitations may impact your search engine optimization efforts. 

The amount of time that your company invests in the planning phases for the SEO website design or SEO website redesign can determine how functional and how findable your website will be online. Your company should focus on the same tasks that you would to launch any new marketing idea. Have the appropriate persons in your company:  1) Gather information about the products and services to be marketed online; 2) Determine your strategies for competitive pricing, stocking, shipping, etc.; 3) Target your primary and secondary markets; and 4) Set realistic timelines and goals for your Internet marketing campaign. Since online buyers typically purchase from websites they feel confident in doing business with, think about how your company can best present itself in sections like About Us or Meet Our Staff.

Although the visual appearance of your website will impact how the human user interacts, whether your website is findable for the algorithms (or spiders) is dependent upon the quality of your search engine optimization. Good SEO architecture and good SEO programming build the paths that the algorithms will follow in crawling your website’s content for the search engine’s data indexing. The only way to know if your company’s website is findable is through a website analysis that shows a SEO engineer which web pages are being indexed and what the accumulative results are for specific keywords and keyword phrases. For a brand new website, a trained SEO web copy writer will utilize similar analytical tools for the latent semantic indexing of website’s content.

In summary, the more thought your team devotes to defining your Internet strategy, setting goals and collecting the content needed for your website, the faster an experienced SEO firm can put your Internet strategy online and put your website “In Play”. Regardless of functional limitations, a findable web design will always generate a greater volume of quality web traffic and result in a larger number of conversions. Please visit our Website Design Portfolio. You can see for yourself how we've helped numerous businesses attain their Internet marketing goals with a solid SEO website design or redesign.


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