Since Google’s search results for page one only lists the top ten sites, your website faces a monumental task if the company’s goal is to deliver top rankings for competitive keywords and keyword phrases. In today’s online marketplace, your company’s existing site may need a search engine optimization tune-up to maximize your Internet marketing efforts. The quickest way to find out what’s needed to improve your site’s performance for Search engine marketing is a website analysis conducted by a reputable SEO firm. Many major search engine optimization companies like California SEO World offer “Free Website Analysis” and can provide your company with valuable information for reaching your Search engine marketing goals.

If your company’s website has already been optimized but is not consistently producing top-10 listings on the search engine results pages, the first thing you will need to determine is why your site is under performing:

  • It could be your keyword selection
  • It could be code bloat
  • It could be terrible <meta> tags.
  • It could be your domain name
  • It could be bad search engine optimization
  • It could be infinite loops
  • It could be back-end interfaces
  • It could be bad website design
  • It could be duplicate content
  • It could be your keyword density
  • It could be your filenames
  • It could be your web copy
  • It could be the lack of a theme
  • It could be your hosting server

You get the picture. It is also possible that your website may not be under performing. It may not be performing at all. Your website could be SANDBOXED. The search engine’s algorithms may not be finding the necessary information needed to correctly index your website.

No matter how good your website looks to the human eye, if the search engine optimization was not done correctly for your website’s SEO web design, SEO development, SEO programming, SEO web copy writing, etc., then your website has very little chance of being found. If the algorithms are having difficulty crawling or indexing your website, then your website’s data may have been assigned to a supplemental index (of sorts) where the algorithms will periodically check for improvements. The most cost effective method of determining whether to have your existing website redesigned for search engine optimization or whether your company should start from scratch to build a new website for your Internet marketing campaign is to have a complete website analysis performed on your site.

If your website is already delivering consistently high SERP rankings and you are still reading this, then your problem may be due to a lack of conversions. A lack of conversions is most often the result of the human user’s actions. If user doesn’t stay on your site and leaves quickly (high bounce rate), then your website may need an aesthetic touch-up like Flash movies, Call-to-Actions or social media additions (YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, etc.). If the human user looks around but does not take action, you made need SEO web copy editing to beef up your search engine marketing message.


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