Testing for search engine marketing success has shown the combination of a well-planned organic search effort and a well-managed pay per click campaign is the most effective approach to directing relevant traffic to your website. Once the search engine optimization has been completed on your website, important data will be gathered from analytics tracking code that a SEO Engineer or SEO programmer embedded during the website design or website redesign process. This information can be sorted, queried and printed in a number of ways to provide your company with the search engine marketing reports you need to manage your organic and pay per click campaigns. Your website’s ultimate success or failure depends upon how your company uses this information to make the necessary adjustments to your overall Internet marketing efforts.

A major benefit of search engine marketing is the constant stream of data that is readily available for your company to use in making decisions about your online strategies. Unlike traditional advertising media, the Internet allows your company to track, test and monitor changes to website’s marketing plan in a virtual environment that is very close to real time. Analytics reporting affords your company an opportunity to watch how your web visitors come and go. Every action the online consumer takes while visiting your website can be analyzed. A/B testing can be used to monitor your user’s response to everything from page layout, to product background colors, to pricing changes, etc. The data analysis for your search engine marketing program is only limited by your company’s marketing experience and creative energy.

When the data reports from your company’s organic search results are combined with the data reports from your pay per click campaign, an experienced SEO Engineer or certified SEM can always show you how to make adjustments to win more battles for competitive keywords and keyword phrases. The analytics can also be used for your company to track responses and consumer actions from your target markets by comparing the results to your company’s creative inputs. In the long run, directing relevant web traffic to your website can be more cost effective if your company utilizes the collected data from analytics reporting to measure and direct the user’s actions when visiting your website.


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