When implementing a pay per click marketing campaign, your company’s keyword strategy is the foundation for your success when it comes to online bidding. If your company’s website has been properly optimized for search engine marketing, then the keywords and keyword phrases chosen for search engine optimization and used to develop your keyword page strategies will help a SEO Engineer or SEM Professional determine which keywords should augment your search engine marketing campaign. An effective bidding strategy for coveted industry keywords and keyword phrases can place your company‘s website on top of the sponsored links section for the search engine’s results pages. So your company’s efforts during keyword selection will now be rewarded; and your keyword strategies will be implemented to improve your website’s chances for optimal search results for any of your important power pages.

If you read the section on Keyword Selection under the Search Engine Optimization heading, you are familiar with the term general keywords and the term specific keywords which are the two basic types of keywords and keyword phrases. An effective keyword strategy for your pay per click campaign will likely target some very competitive general keywords and keyword phrases. General keywords are those words or phrases that everybody uses to describe your industry, products or services. Top search results listings for many of these general keywords just cannot be obtained in a timely manner without adding a pay per click program to your overall search engine marketing campaign. Plus, your keyword page strategy can be employed using a pay per click strategy to target specific keywords and keyword phrases that can boost the results of your organic search as an added bonus.

E-commerce websites will often have a massive number of competitive websites seeking the consumer web traffic and fighting it out to garner their fair share of the online clicks. There are very good reasons why some of those competitive website’s consistently rank high in the search engine results. It is virtually impossible for them to attain their position of trust with the search engines and high listings on their search results pages without having a solid keyword strategy based on good keyword research and keyword selection. If your company did a good job and invested a little time, your keyword strategy should put your website “In Play”. Making smart decisions as you manage your search engine marketing campaign for organic and paid search, can keep your website winning the war for keywords.


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