If you are new to search engine marketing, you may or may not have heard of paid inclusion programs offered by several of the major search engine companies. Although some programs simply place your company’s advertisement on various websites for a fee, Google offers a pay per click (PPC) program where you do just that. When your website’s information appears in the sponsored listing of their search engine results page (SERP), your pay per click account will be charged every time a user clicks on your website’s hyperlink. If you fail to develop a solid online budget and an effective bidding strategy, you can deplete your company’s Internet marketing funds quickly.

It is always a good idea to consult with a search engine marketing professional before getting too deep into a pay per click marketing campaign. With pay per click campaigns, it is very easy to put your company’s website “In Play” but it is often very competitive and difficult to earn a positive ROI for an ill-planned Internet marketing effort. You also need to keep in mind the fact that pay per click marketing is a product of the largest of the search engines. If you don’t already know how to play, just set up an account and the house will teach you as you gamble. If that sounds like a casino game in Las Vegas, pay per click marketing is a bidding game. Just like in Vegas, there are big winners and big losers.

That said, a well planned pay per click effort can be the most powerful aspect of your search engine marketing campaign.  If the keyword strategy is correctly developed through research and the statistic data provided satisfies your Internet marketing goals, your company can use a well timed pay per click effort to augment their organic search engine marketing results. There are some Internet marketing ideas that can be accomplished using pay per click and/or other paid inclusions without search engine optimization but that would be the exception and not the rule. Unless your company has Internet marketing experience, it is probably a smart idea for you to consult with a Certified Search Engine Marketing professional.

Let our trained search engine marketing consultants help your company:

  • Select the best keyword strategy
  • Manage your website’s pay per click budget
  • Write effective PPC web copy for online ads
  • Develop a solid bidding strategy
  • Meet the goals for your internet marketing campaign

When a pay per click campaign is managed correctly, your company’s new website, redesigned website or newly optimized existing website can get a head start by winning SERPs listings for very hard to win keywords. This can be most important if your company website is in a very competitive online arena. Pay per click advertising is also useful in geo-targeting your company’s campaign for state or regional business opportunities. The amount of time spent doing keyword research (like comparing keyword effectiveness ratings or mapping keyword engagement reports) and the real time management of your bidding strategy will ultimately determine the success of your company’s paid inclusions strategy.

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