The concept of pay per click marketing opened the door for many companies to implement a search engine marketing campaign for the very first time. Paid inclusion on a search engine results page has been much easier for the business world to understand. After all, your company has easy access to the search engine’s advertising platform by simply bidding for the highest ad placement for select keywords or keyword phrases. A pay per click campaign is a powerful tool for your company to use in competing for online presence. Pay per click and paid inclusion programs like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN adCenter can give your company instant recognition in a targeted geo-market and can immediately expose your website to the global marketplace.

The basic steps for launching and managing a pay per click campaign are pretty simple. Your company chooses particular keywords and keyword phrases that you have an interest in bidding on and competing for in the search results. When a user enters a search query for those keywords, the search engine determines who the top bidders (blind bidding of course) were and the winners’ websites are listed in the sponsored links area of the SERPs. If the user selects your listing, your pay per click marketing account is charged the amount of your adjusted bid for the keyword or keyword phrase you selected. The search engine’s auction for keywords goes on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, you can specify how, when and where your website’s pay per click campaign is open for doing business. That means the addition of a pay per click campaign to your company’s search engine marketing efforts can accommodate requirements for geo-targeting your website.

Bad results from pay per click campaigns happen every day in search engine marketing. Some company’s leap into the bidding wars for keywords, win their share of sponsored listings, spend their pay per click budget and fail to get the return on their investment that was expected. Maybe the company was careless in selecting their keywords and keyword phrases for their pay per click campaign. Maybe the company overlooked the importance of the feedback provided by the pay per click reports produced by their site’s analytics. Maybe the company failed to understand how to use all the components available for search engine marketing.  Maybe your company can avoid these kinds of costly mistakes by working with a qualified SEO firm to plan, implement and monitor your website’s pay per click marketing campaign.


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