Internet marketing research suggests that search engine results page listings for organic (free) search results have a much higher click through rate than paid listings in the sponsored links sections. Since there is no cost per click involved with organic SEO, the cost of search engine optimization for your company’s website can be recovered quickly after launching your Internet marketing campaign. Keep in mind the fact that the more relevant web traffic you direct at your website, the greater your company’s chances are for Internet marketing success.

Today, the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN expect any business website to be correctly optimized before the site goes live. To improve the “Search Relevancy” of their listings on the search engine results pages, Google has revised their algorithms to be more precise when analyzing a website’s search engine optimization efforts. If your company is using a reputable SEO firm for your optimization, Google’s changes in the rules for organic search are good news. The latest advancements in algorithms help protect valuable bandwidth, save the search engine companies valuable time spent trying to index sites with poor search engine optimization technique and move more relevant traffic toward those website’s that follow the rules.

Before your company puts your website “In Play” for organic search, you will need to have a solid SEO web design, good keyword research and an effective keyword page strategy that has spot-on search engine optimization with pages of original web copy. To avoid delays in the indexing of your website’s power pages, you have to have all the search engine optimization installed correctly before allowing the search engine’s algorithms to crawl the site. An SEO Engineer or SEO web programmer with search engine optimization experience can use “No Follow” statements and redirects to allow e-commerce websites to “Go Live” for tasks like back end interfacing. If not, your company’s website may end up in the Sandbox labeled as “immature” and waiting for future algorithms to check on your progress. According to Google guru, Matt Cutts, the algorithms will eventually get everything figured about your website’s content but it may take years instead of months.

Chances are good that you will want the search engines to find your website’s content much sooner than EVENTUALLY. Once you’ve chosen a few SEO firms for your company to consider as a strategic partner for your Internet marketing campaign give them a call or complete their online contact form to move forward with your due diligence. Now you are ready to use what you learned about search engine optimization and organic SEO. Ask very specific questions about their company’s SEO team and how they implement search engine optimization techniques. Any good Search Engine Marketing (organic seo, pay per click, web copy writing) campaign can be measured by its return on investment (ROI) for your company’s Internet marketing efforts.


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