Since businesses first used the Internet to market products and services online, search engine companies, like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., have molded the web into a global media more powerful than any marketing platform in history. In the beginning, advertising agencies and marketers worldwide just put leftover ad copy and contents from marketing brochures on a client’s website and added a Contact Us page. Today, such ill-planned attempts at Internet marketing will not produce the results a company is expecting from a legitimate effort. If your company if looking to unleash the potential of your website, you will need an understanding of the:

Three Components of Search Engine Marketing

  1. Organic Search – Using Internet marketing strategies, your company has free access to a global media. Your investment in search engine optimization for a new website, or a redesign for your company’s website can pay off big if your website is competitive for keywords and keyword phrases online. Except for your SEO Hosting charges, organic listings are free. If your site’s search engine optimization results in relevant web traffic, your company can earn solid profits from organic search results.

  2. Pay Per Click Management – Some businesses launch their websites with pay per click marketing campaigns. This can be a bit tricky for newcomers to Internet marketing and your company’s online budget can exhausted quickly if you do not have an intelligent bidding strategy. On the other hand, a properly managed pay per click effort can be very effective in building an Internet marketing strategy, especially when combined with a well-planned organic strategy.

  3. Web Copy Writing – An experienced web copy writer can make a huge difference in how quickly and how thoroughly your company’s website is indexed by the search engine’s algorithms. Although no one knows exactly when or where your website’s data will be indexed, the better job your SEO web copy writer does in letting the search engine’s know what your site’s about, then the faster your products and services will reach the Internet marketplace.

Recently, several Universities began offering certified course studies in Search Engine Marketing requiring the completion of curricula in organic search, paid inclusions and web copy writing. This academic stamp of approval has given a lot of credence to Internet marketing research which concluded that by having both organic rankings and listings in the sponsored links a company greatly increases their website’s credibility online. A reputable SEO firm has the talent and experience to help your company compete for keywords and keyword phrases using the latest search engine optimization techniques, pay per click management and effective SEO web copy. Take advantage of California SEO World’s Free Website Analysis and give your company’s website a head start on gaining valuable page rank in your competitive online marketplace.


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