Many companies doing business online are beginning to explore the Internet marketing potential for social media (YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, etc.) exposure with their existing search engine optimization strategy. These popular websites and social networks are the newest media components of the web marketplace and they can instantly create a buzz for your company’s online message. Your website’s social media pages can reach millions of users around the globe through connection to people networks and online communities. A creative mix of social media blended with your existing Internet marketing campaign can produce multiple listings for your power pages through the blended results of Organic and Universal Search.

Your website can build organic page rank and online trust by connecting to social news networks, video sharing websites, Internet bloggers and contact-list social networks. Submitting your website for inclusion in social networks and contact-lists is time consuming but the effort can effectively generate buzz about your website’s content. An SEO Engineer knows how to use social media optimization to gain quality back links for your company’s website to improve your ranking for organic search results. However, you will need to know and abide by each of the Social media’s policies concerning what your business can and can’t do online. Most of the tasks involved with maintaining your company’s listings in Universal Search will likely be done to your website during monthly SEO Hosting.

Google has made a big deal about the changes that have been made to their algorithms to produce the best Universal Search results. Vertical search engine algorithms have been blended with traditional organic search results to establish some degree of comparative ranking in determining “Search Relevancy”. Listed below are a few of Google’s vertical search engines that are currently being used for Universal Search:

  • Traditional Web Search
  • Book Search
  • Search for Area Maps
  • Online Video Search
  • News Services Search
  • Blog Search
  • Products Search
  • Flight Tracking Search
  • Weather Search

The addition of videos, maps, games, news feeds and other entertaining social media content to your website can give your company a way to think outside the box. The viral nature of social media content coupled with the exposure your message has to massive social networks can provide a perfect platform to entertain users with a faceless business pitch.

If the right members of a social network find your messages to be interesting, your website can quickly build a loyal following of online users. Including forums and blogs on your company’s website can generate quality external links for your website and are often a good source of dynamic content. Both forums and blogs can direct a lot of relevant web traffic to your company’s website and both should be considered for your Internet marketing website. If your company is a candidate for social media optimization and is interested in taking advantage of universal search, contact a reputable SEO firm and discuss your ideas for social media optimization.


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