Great search engine optimization starts with the keyword process. If your company is planning an Internet marketing campaign and do not have a website, then you are at the perfect starting point for developing your keyword strategy. There are lots of misconceptions about how keywords should be picked for search engine optimization. The reality online is that keyword selection will play a major role in your website’s success or failure. If your company has an existing website and it is not performing, you should consider using a full service SEO firm to have your website analyzed. There are many reasons why a website may not be ranking high in search results. Among those reasons is poor keyword selection or the complete absence of a keyword strategy.

Businesses search online to find out which websites are already winning the listings for search engine results. There are very good reasons why those websites are so competitive online. Most websites that are consistently being awarded top rankings in search engine results have strong keyword page strategies built upon a very sound keyword selection process. So choosing keywords and keyword phrases to use for your website’s search engine optimization should be taken very seriously. In very competitive markets or product areas where many websites are competing for organic results, keyword selection should always be based on the results of your keyword research. It is important to study your odds for winning a keyword (KEI or keyword effectiveness index) or keyword phrase when planning your keyword page strategy.

You can break keywords and keyword phrases into two groups: general keywords and specific keywords. General keywords tend to produce a greater volume of web traffic to a website. On the other hand, more specific keywords and keyword phrases do a better job of identifying the search relevance of website’s products and services. Specific keywords tend to produce a higher percentage of user conversions for a website. For example, if a user types in the word “guitar” for a search query, they are likely surfing for general information about guitars. However, if the same user searches for a more specific keyword phrase like “Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar”, then your company’s chance of making a sale is much improved due to the user’s specific keyword selection.

The trend as to how online consumers search for products has moved toward the use of more specific keywords and keyword phrases. For your company to a good job during the keyword selection process, it is important to have a solid understanding how general and specific keywords and keyword phrases are used in your website’s domain name, filenames, page strategies, meta tags, etc. Since your website’s Home page should be used to let the algorithms and human users know what you website is about, this is a good place for you to compete for general (or more generic) keywords and keyword phrases. Your website’s Product pages provide a perfect place for your keyword strategy to target more specific keywords and keyword phrases.

Keep in mind, it is always easier to earn a higher listing in the search engine’s results for more specific keywords and keyword phrases. To win the search game for highly competitive general keywords and keyword phrases, your company will need to work closely with a SEO engineer or SEO web copy writer to implement a well-planned keyword page strategy. If we can help, use our convenient Click to Call feature at the top of any webpage and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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