What can Search Engine Optimization in California do for your company’s Internet marketing efforts? The answer is very simple. Major search engine companies use algorithms to index millions of websites. Search engine optimization lets the various search engine companies (like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, etc.) locate, identify and catalog information included in your website’s optimized web copy and optimized graphic content. Each search engine company will sort and store this information in various types of directories. When users search for words that match your website’s indexed theme, the search engine will list information about your site and will include a hyperlink that allows the user to go directly to your company’s web pages. This listing is called a SERP, or search engine results page, and the process is referred to as Organic Search.

Typically, the higher your website ranks in the search results listed on Page One or Page Two of the SERPs, the better chance your company has for directing the user to your website’s content. With this increase in relevant search traffic, you have the opportunity to be very successful online and to generate profits from website sales that your company would likely have missed. However, it is not always as simple as it sounds. Often, the website’s designer doesn’t have the knowledge of search engine optimization techniques to correctly implement a successful SEO strategy. Even the best looking website can suffer from the lack of relevant traffic if the major search engines fail to understand “What it is that your company does”. If your existing website is not performing as well as expected, a knowledgeable SEO firm can analyze your site architecture, web copy, <meta> tags, domain name and filenames to discuss your company’s options for improved search engine optimization.

If your company does a good job of identifying your online opportunities, a SEO web developer or a SEO engineer can collectively tweak your website’s code to let the algorithms (often called spiders or crawlers) know which pages of your website are “In Play” on an evolving basis. This is very important as your website seeks to gain trust and earn page rank from each of the major search engine companies. Again, if you choose to host or manage your company’s website in-house, your webmaster must be current in the search engine optimization techniques for SEO web design, SEO software development, SEO programming languages, SEO website engineering and SEO web copy writing. If not, contact a reputable SEO firm. A SEO consultant, usually an account representative, can dispel myths you’ve heard about search engine algorithms and help your company understand how to manage your website’s “Search Relevancy”.

Knowing what to avoid in search engine optimization can be equally important to your company’s Internet marketing success. One mistake can lead to a website being penalized or, in most cases, just ignored by the algorithms until the webmaster has corrected the website’s discrepancies. This dance with the algorithms is often referred to as “Sandboxed”, an indexing situation where your website is deemed to be immature and will be visited periodically to see if the confusion has been eliminated. When the SEO media sources comment on how the search engine’s algorithms have become more sophisticated in recent years, they are often talking about the algorithms ability to recognize conflicting search engine optimization situations and take an appropriate action. Quite simply stated, unless your website’s structure, code, web copy and other content are ready to be properly indexed, the search engine doesn’t want to waste time crawling your website.

At California SEO World, we only use top-shelf search engine optimization techniques. By developing solid code and writing quality SEO web copy, we can improve your website’s listings in the SERPs of the major search engines. In addition to increasing your site’s web traffic, our SEO engineers can assist in finding external links from other reputable websites that will help your company build a respectable online presence. Please take advantage of our FREE Website Analysis to maximize targeted traffic to your website; or call us today for a free consultation with a search engine optimization specialist.



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