In recent years, the quality of your website’s copy has become increasingly important for both search engine optimization and user participation. Online consumer behavior has become a hot topic for Internet marketing research. In today’s online marketplace, your company’s website is going to need better content, written specifically for the online user and presented differently than your traditional print media ad copy. Additionally, the search engines like Google are placing more “Trust Rank” in fresh, well-written web copy that provides a structured theme for the website’s content.

A professional SEO web copy writer can have a significant impact in how quickly and thoroughly the search engine algorithms crawl and index your website’s content. If your company’s website has a solid web design and search engine optimization techniques have been correctly implemented, a skilled web copy writer can utilize latent semantic indexing, internal linking and keyword page strategies to lead the crawling algorithms to rich spider food. This guided tour of your website’s web copy allows the search engine’s indexing algorithms to both find and categorize your content for “Search Relevancy”. This is a WIN – WIN – WIN for the user searching for information, the search engine trying to provide the most relevant results and your company’s effort to move quality web traffic to your website.

Google introduced the use of Latent Semantic Indexing (or LSI) to improve the “Search Relevancy” of listings on their SERPs (search engine results pages). LSI technology is installed using algorithms that determine how keywords and keyword phrases are semantically used in your SEO web copy. This allows the search engine to determine a web page’s relevancy based on your website’s subject matter, keyword usage and theme rather than based on keyword density. In the past, bad web copy often contained dozens of keywords and keyword phrases stuffed (called spamming) in the opening paragraph to appeal to the algorithms. In turn, the web copy was frequently of such poor quality that message was literally incoherent. For now, original web copy is KING when your company’s website is competing for success in Organic Search.


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